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UltravisionTM awarded prestigious surgical innovation prize

UltravisionTM awarded prestigious surgical innovation prize



UltravisionTM was awarded the Cutlers’ Surgical Prize at a special dinner at the Cutler’s Hall in London.


The product, which received its CE mark in January 2014, is a highly innovative means of handling the surgical smoke that is created by cutting instruments created during laparoscopic surgery. 


It is the first product to be launched by Asalus, the company established to commercialise the inventions of the Welsh Institute of Minimal Access Therapy (WIMAT), who are based at Cardiff Medicentre.  Established in 1994, WIMAT is the leading provider of minimal access surgery training in the UK.


Based on the proven industrial technology of electrostatic precipitation, a highly effective means of removing airborne particulates from the atmosphere, Ultravision rapidly, silently and effectively clears the operative visual field of surgical smoke and simultaneously prevents its release into the operating theatre.


The Surgical Prize is open to anyone who has performed outstanding work in the field of instrumentation or technical development in any branch of surgery. Entries are judged by representatives of the specialist surgical associations, in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons, who recommend which of the entrants should receive the award.


Dominic Griffiths, Managing Director of Asalus, said: “The Cutlers’ Surgical Prize is one of the most prestigious annual prizes for surgical innovation so we are thrilled and honoured that UltravisionTM has been awarded this prize. We believe we have a fantastic product but it is always good to get external recognition.


“The prize comes at a significant time for us as we’re in the process of bringing Ultravision to market. It is the culmination of years of hard work but the overwhelming interest we are receiving from both the surgical community and global distributors makes it all worthwhile.  There are approximately six million laparoscopic procedures performed each year globally.  Smoke is an issue in the vast majority of these procedures and so we are confident that we have developed a totally unique product in a huge market.”


Conceived by Dr Neil Warren, a specialist at the forefront of minimally invasive surgery training, Ultravision has recently secured the CE mark allowing hospitals to use the system on patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery in the European Union member states.


Dr Neil Warren, Asalus’ Chief Scientific Officer, said: “Surgical smoke is a significant issue during laparoscopic surgery. Smoke rapidly builds up in the abdominal cavity, severely impairing the quality of the visual field and slowing down the procedure. The subsequent release of surgical smoke into the operating theatre is also unpleasant for the surgical team and there is a potential risk that chronic exposure may have long-term health implications.

“From research and feedback we know that the current solutions used in surgery for clearing surgical smoke are largely ineffective in meeting the needs of the surgical team. Ultravision silently, effortlessly and unobtrusively clears the visual field of surgical smoke and prevents its release in to the operating theatre to allow best practise in laparoscopic surgery.”

Published on Wed, 9th Apr 2014

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