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Najran University leads the way in the Middle East

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MedaPhor is pleased to announce that Najran University, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has become the first medical centre in the Middle East region to integrate the new, revolutionary ScanTrainer Transabdominal ultrasound training simulator into its ultrasound training programme.

MedaPhor’s ScanTrainer, is a virtual reality based ‘real feel’ ultrasound-training simulator that enables trainees, of any level, to literally ‘feel’ what they see on the computer screen in order to develop the complex mix of cognitive skills and eye-hand movement coordination required to learn the key ultrasound scanning skills. The simulator uses real patient scans, within an educationally driven training programme, to teach all the core and advanced skills, but without the need for an ultrasound machine or a patient and with considerably reduced direct supervision by an expert.

The new Transabdominal simulator, which launched its new general medical scanning modules at IMSH in San Francisco in January, enables trainees to learn all the key upper abdomen scanning skills for scanning the liver, kidney, gall bladder, spleen, bile duct and pancreas; as well as all the obstetric scanning skills for 12 week dating scans, 20 week fetal abnormality scans and third trimester fetal growth scans.

The ScanTrainer platform is also available with a range of transvaginal scanning applications and the company will continue to launch new applications for the system throughout 2014.

Stuart Gall, CEO of MedaPhor said:

“We are delighted that Najran University has purchased the Middle East’s first transabdominal ScanTrainer platform and are leading the way in virtual reality based simulation training. Their superb new simulation facilities will place them at the cutting edge of ultrasound training and simulation in both the KSA and the larger Middle East region.”

Teachers at Radiological Science Department of Najran University said:

“Najran University is proud to become the first institution in the Middle East region to integrate the new, revolutionary ScanTrainer (Transabdominal ultrasound training simulator) into its ultrasound training programme.

This new ultrasound training simulator promises a learner-centered way to acquire early technical clinical skills through repeated practice in a “safe” environment”.

Published on Fri, 18th Jul 2014

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