The group has enlisted seven distributors which will supply the new laparoscopic surgical smoke handling system to hospitals in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Ireland.

Dominic Griffiths, managing director of Asalus, said: "With approximately six million laparoscopic procedures performed each year globally, we are confident that there is a huge market for Ultravision.

"We are already receiving overwhelming interest from the surgical community. It is exciting to now have a network of distributors on board to help us launch the technology across Europe. Within nine months of CE marking, we can now offer Ultravision to approximately 40 percent of the European population."

Elemental Healthcare will supply the system in the UK, Ecomed will cover Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France, Eurosurgical will distribute to Ireland and Euroclone will cover Italy.

DACH will distribute in Austria and Switzerland, Kebomed in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and LAMED in Germany.

Griffiths added: "The distributors we have secured all have an excellent and established reputation for developing markets for innovative devices so we are delighted to have formed these partnerships and look forward to seeing how the surgical community takes advantage of this Welsh-designed technology