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MedaPhor expands sales into China

MedaPhor expands sales into China


MedaPhor is pleased to announce that is has expanded both its sales and global distribution, with the announcement of a new, exclusive distribution agreement with Tellyes Scientific Inc (“Tellyes”) to sell its ScanTrainer range of ultrasound simulators into mainland China.

Tellyes, a $40m medical simulation manufacturing and distribution business, based in Tianjin, China, has 100 dedicated sales staff and as part of the agreement Tellyes are purchasing 10 ScanTrainer systems that will be sited in their 5 regional offices, covering the north, south, east, northwest and southwest of China. Tellyes will be targeting selling ScanTrainer to China’s 3,000 nursing schools, medical colleges and universities.

MedaPhor’s lead product, ScanTrainer, is a virtual reality based ‘real feel’ ultrasound-training simulator that enables trainees, of any level, to literally ‘feel’ what they see on the computer screen in order to develop the complex mix of cognitive skills and eye-hand movement coordination required to learn all the key ultrasound scanning skills. The simulator uses real patient scans, within an educationally driven training programme, to teach all the core and advanced skills, but without the need for an ultrasound machine or a patient and with considerably reduced direct supervision by an expert.

MedaPhor, which spun out of Cardiff University, has established sales in the UK, Europe, Australia and the US and recently expanded its ScanTrainer range with its new transabdominal simulator, aimed at the large obstetrics and gynaecology, general medical, and emergency medicine markets

Stuart Gall, CEO of MedaPhor said:

“We are delighted to be working with Tellyes to target the huge and growing Chinese medical simulation market and we look forward to working with Simon and his team, as we launch our range of ScanTrainer simulator systems into China.”

Simon Liu, CEO of Tellyes said:

“We are very excited about the newly-formed strategic partnership with MedaPhor, whose ultrasound simulators are great additions to what Tellyes is currently offering to the Chinese hospitals and medical schools. Tellyes is going to work very hard, together with MedaPhor, to help our Chinese customers improve their medical training through the utilization of MedaPhor’s advanced virtual-reality simulators, both today and with their future range of products for the general medical and emergency medicine markets.”

David Baynes, CEO of Fusion, said:

”This is a major development for MedaPhor and we are excited about the potential of the Chinese market for MedaPhor’s superb ultrasound simulator. The company is now generating sales in all the major global medical markets and we look forward to its continued growth.”

Published on Tue, 6th Aug 2013

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