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Drug and Alcohol Testing Cansford Leading the Way

Cansford leading the way


John Wicks and Lolita Tsanaclis opened Cansford Laboratories 3.5 years ago with the intention to “shake things up” in the drug and alcohol testing world by developing and introducing new techniques and procedures to hair drug testing.

In their 3 year break after selling their previous company Tricho-Tech in 2007 they recognised that the market place had stagnated, and in many areas service had declined, but could not take any action due to contractual restrictions. At the end of this period Cansford was born with an experienced, able team that gives all customers an efficient, professional and helpful service with the highest quality standards.

Cansford turnaround time statistics

Now, all of our customers expect and receive consistently comprehensive results within 3 working days from sample receipt at our laboratory.

The graph below shows our analysis turnaround times (results delivery including witness statements) for Hair samples in the last 12 months. It shows 100% of samples completed within 3 working days. Furthermore, since December 2013 the vast majority of samples were completed within 2 days. This is real data, that we can substantiate!


Hair TAT

By reducing turnaround times in this way, we feel we really have “shaken things up” as we intended to when we started the company. Since introducing and delivering Cansford’s 3 working day turnaround time we have found that our competitors are claiming that they have dramatically dropped theirs from weeks, sometimes months to a more reasonable level. Cansford see this as a huge compliment and know that this can only benefit any person that requires the services of drug and alcohol testing.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

We are very proud that we have set a remarkable standard for others to follow.

We will continue to research and develop our techniques and strive to continually improve our services and by doing this will also improve our competitors. Surely this can only be seen as a POSITIVE FOR YOU.

Published on Fri, 17th Oct 2014

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