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Diurnal clinches successful Chronocort clinical trial

Cardiff Medicentre's biotech startup Diurnal has announced that its lead product Chronocort has successfully completed a clinical trial in healthy volunteers.

Diurnal is developing a novel approach to drug delivery that will help patients suffering from reduced levels of the key hormone cortisol. Chronocort is a modified release therapy that delivers the hormone in a manner mimicing the body’s normal circadian rhythm. This approach has the potential to help patients suffering from congenital adrenal hyperplasia and adrenal insufficiency. The company now hopes to move into Phase 2 trials during 2012.

Diurnal is a Fusion IP portfolio company.

Diurnal announces successful completion of clinical trial for Chronocort.


Dr Mark Bowman, Director of Innovation at Cardiff Medicentre said "The successful completion of Diurnal's Phase 1 clinical trial for Chronocort is very exciting news."

He added "I am extremely hopeful that the company will now secure the funding necessary to complete the next stage of its development."

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Notes to editors

About Cardiff Medicentre

Cardiff Medicentre is a dedicated incubator for biotech and medtech startups. The facility is set in the grounds of the University of Wales Hospital and is a neighbour to Cardiff University’s School of Medicine.

Established in 1992, Cardiff Medicentre is a joint venture between Cardiff Council, Cardiff University, the Welsh Government and Cardiff & Vale University Health Board. It was the first incubator of its kind in the UK and now provides 32 units of high quality office and lab space accommodation ranging from 284 sq ft to 1,045 sq ft. Low-cost desk leasing facilities are also available to encourage entrepreneurs to enter the Cardiff Medicentre community while writing business plans and raising finance.

Tenants at Cardiff Medicentre benefit from specialist support in establishing and growing their businesses. Their aim, and the aim of the Cardiff Medicentre management team, is graduation – the process of tenant businesses outgrowing the incubation facilities and moving into their own follow-on space, or being acquired.

Examples of successful graduate companies

  • Q Chip Ltd (completed $6 million venture capital investment round in 2011)
  • Cardiff Bioanalytical Services Ltd (acquired by LGC Ltd in 2010)
  • Cardiff Research Consortium (acquired by Capita Group plc for £11.6 million in 2009)
  • BioDynamics Research Ltd (acquired by Quotient BioResearch Ltd in 2008)
  • TrichoTech Ltd (acquired by Concateno plc for £11.25 million in 2007)
  • OnExamination Ltd (acquired by BMJ Group in 2007)

Published on Tue, 31st Jan 2012

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