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Business incubator for biotech and medtech startups


Management team  


Dr Justin John

Business Incubation Officer



Mrs Janet Coward Centre Administrator Cardiff Medicentre







`Mrs Janet Coward

Centre Administrator (Finance & Operations)

Jan joined Cardiff Medicentre in October 2010, having worked across all three business incubators operated by Cardiff Business Technology Centre Ltd. She is a former deputy manager of Camelot plc.

Jan’s role:

  • Delivering integrated financial and management information
  • Putting in place and maintaining best practice operational procedures
  • Liaising with suppliers to ensure best value procurement
  • Managing the portfolio of leases.

Mrs Mair Davies Centre Administrator Cardiff Medicentre







Mrs Mair Davies

Centre Administrator (Marketing & Tenant Liaison)

Mair has worked at Cardiff Medicentre since its inception in 1994. She previously worked in the advertising industry and is experienced in sales and marketing.

Mair’s role:

  • Marketing Cardiff Medicentre to prospective clients
  • Raising the profile of Cardiff Medicentre
  • Liaising with tenants and licensees to ensure client satisfaction
  • Delivering incubation support programmes
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